About Us

Cashwear is a luxury street fashion brand for aspiring individuals who are trying to elevate through life accomplishing personal goals and obtaining happiness. Cashwear represents confidence and uniqueness. Cashwear is a lifestyle of luxury and elegance however never forgetting the root foundations by holding strongly onto a sense of community and constantly expressing gestures of goodwill.

Bringing the worlds of streetwear and high fashion together by incorporating luxury and culture within the branding ethos. inspired by lifestyle streetwear brands such as off-white, rocawear, and sean john whom have a similar approach to the fashion industry. Bring Cashwear to the runway


Our Ethos

Driven by design & quality, Cashwear is a brand that gives individuals a sense of uniqueness and confidence to face the word. Cashwear focuses on delivering a comprehensive selection of affordable, high quality signature pieces which can be worn any season
All clothing products are developed by our experienced design team whom specialise in meeting our audiences needs with innovative unique designs. Cashwear ensures to continuously source premium fabrics to enable customers to feel confident and stylish while facing the world.
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